Friday, October 15, 2010

Zambia: Rural Education

Kids who live in the Zambian countryside can’t get to school. It’s not that it’s too far—it’s that there are no schools to get to.

Rural education development is one of the most pressing needs for many communities throughout Zambia. Access to quality education is a challenge for many. Lack of a nearby educational facility has been a long-standing issue. As a result, classroom attendance, participation, and performance are all significantly low.

WGM will be working in partnership with the Samfya Bible School in Samfya, Zambia. Samfya Bible School is an institution run by Christian Missions in Many Lands and equips men and women for Christian ministry, focusing on rural church ministry. Billy Wayne and Jenny Fuller, veteran WGM missionary couple from Kenya, have relocated to Zambia to assist with pastoral training.

ACT: Send the Fullers your prayers and well wishes in their new ministry at
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