Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Called to Serve

An excerpt from Called to Serve
The Gift of Serving as a Family
By Joey Nunez, Volunteers In Action Participant, with Steve, Lori, and Caylah Baldwin, American Indian Field
November/December 2010

Lori stated the following as final encouragement for you and me.

“I think that every person is a missionary in his or her own way, whether it’s walking across your yard, working in your community, or going across the country or across the sea. But remember, God didn’t have a Plan B after Christ died on the cross. We were His Plan A. We were it.

“It’s our job to carry out His plan and spread His Word throughout the world for all mankind. We serve because we are called. God asks each of us to help evangelize the world. The job belongs to every Christian. We all have been called to serve.”

ACT: What is God calling you to do? Maybe it’s going on a short-term missions trip, ministering to children in your church, or serving alongside the Baldwins in Arizona. Several existing ministry opportunities need willing people to become partners. Contact Troy Simpson at 765.671.7226 or recruiting@wgm.org for more info on ways you can serve.

To learn more about the Baldwins ministry click: www.wgm.org/baldwin
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