Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Missions in your Sixties

An excerpt from Missions in Your Sixties
Serving Is a Gift at Any Age
By John and Cherryl Mann, Advance Volunteers
November/December 2010

What were we thinking? People in their sixties should be ready for retirement, enjoying their grandchildren, and planning winter trips to warm climates. In God’s beautiful plan, we were able to go on a number of short-term missions trips. We attended a Finishers Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, and learned that many people were opening their hearts to the Lord’s call to short-term missions as an alternative to the typical retirement lifestyle.

We said yes to His call. The Lord led us through the applying, preparing, raising support, renting of our home, and building relationships with our family and friends. He will lead you, too.

The Manns had several excuses they could have given for why now was not the time for them to serve on the mission field. Instead, they said yes to His call. Are you offering excuses? Have you been missions-minded but not actively seeking God’s call in your retirement years? The World Go! Manual can help you get in the Word and spend time with the Lord, seeking your call. To order a copy, call Tara Mast at 765.671.7244.
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