Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hispanic Ministries USA: Immigration

Of Hispanics living in the U.S., 62 percent are native-born citizens, and the remaining 38 percent are immigrants. Approximately half of the 38 million immigrants living in the United States are of Hispanic or Latino origin.

WGM’s outreach to Hispanics in the United States will focus on leadership training with the goal of starting more Hispanic churches. As Hispanic church leaders are trained, they will be able to take that spiritual foundation and leadership training with them. Whether they go to another state or return to their home countries, they can use their training to plant churches and lead others into the kingdom.

ACT: This is a ministry happening in your community and likely in your church. Start bridging the gap between cultures by inviting a Hispanic family in your neighborhood or church to have dinner with you this month.

Beginning at 8 a.m., WGM’s Prayer Lifeline will feature a recorded prayer for Hispanic Ministries USA. Call 671.7232 (Marion, Indiana, area) or 1.800.426.0846(toll free) to join the prayer intercession.
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