Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Gift of Salvation

An excerpt from The Gift of Salvation
A Short-term Trip Offering More Than Missions Experience
By Brandi Tevebaugh, Volunteer, with Allen Atkinson, WGM Partner
November/December 2010

Two years after returning from the short-term missions trip to Arizona, Allen Atkinson gave his life to Christ. Although he has not returned to the mission field since, he hopes to in the future.

“I would love to go back to the American Indian Field and see the changes that have been made and to experience missions as a Christian,” Atkinson said. “It helped me understand how missionaries work on the field and how much they trust in God. I truly believe a short-term missions trip is a life-changing experience.”

Short-term missions allow people of all experience levels and at all places in their faith journey, even people who have yet to begin their walk with Christ, to experience the mission field and the love of Christ for His world.

ACT: Does a person in your life need the same sort of life-changing experience Allen had on his missions trip? Could you take him or her on a short-term trip and trust the rest to God? To find available trips, visit www.wgm.org/teams.
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