Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Concert of Prayer Closes

THE MIDDLE EAST: 10.13.2009

We end our concert of prayer journey remembering the ministries of the Middle East. Learn more about World Gospel Mission's influence in this area at www.wgm.org/middleeast

Let's complete our time together lifting this prayer:

LORD,We lift the entire Middle Eastern region up to you. It’s a very turbulent time for anyone, Christian or not, to be there right now. Please be with the persecuted and any workers who are able to be in that region. Please watch and protect Your holy city as war continues around it. We pray for a peaceful solution to this controversial war. Let Your will be done. Amen.

Remember if you missed any of the concerts they are available for listening at www.wgm.org/call

Hope you enjoyed the Concert!

~Kristi Crisp

The Call Editor

World Gospel Mission

Monday, October 12, 2009


World Gospel Mission's ministries in the West Indies include two stations - St. Croix and Grenada.
What is like in Grenada? Well, here is a little taste: The percentage of children born out of wedlock in Grenada stands at 82 percent, and many children do not grow up knowing the stability of a two-parent home. Some say this is a tragic legacy of the island’s early slave culture.
What's it like in St. Croix? St. Croix has no natural running water, such as rivers or springs, so residents must fill cisterns with either well water or purchased desalinized water.
Learn more by visiting: www.wgm.org/westindies.

>> REMEMBER TO PRAY for the youth at the St. Croix Christian Union Church. Pray for their salvation and commitment to Christ. Also pray for the youth attending your church as well.

>> THE ST. CROIX Christian Union Church needs funds to complete the construction of the church building. The field is seeking a loan but some barriers are in the way. Pray that the barriers will be removed and the church can be completed.

>> PRAY FOR TIM and Diane Bennett who have just been assigned to work in church ministries in Grenada. Pray for the staff supporting your church as well.

And check out the podcast brought to you especially for the Caribbean ministries. Enjoy!
Tomorrow completes our concert of prayer as we pray for The Middle East. See you at the concert!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ENTERING: The Caribbean

Today's concert of prayer took us to another area of the
world as we entered Haiti.

What's It Like in Haiti? All Haitians trace their ancestry to the slaves who came over from Africa. Perhaps the most infamous cultural tradition is the voodoo folk religion.

Haiti’s economy is ranked as one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, with approximately 80 percent of the population living in abject poverty.

Want to learn more about this country for your prayer life? Learn more by clicking www.wgm.org/haiti.

Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for the West Indies, St. Croix and Grenada.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Release Your Inner Missionary!

Today we covered YOUR MISSION FIELD in prayer. President Hubert Harriman prayed that we would be the light of the world in our communities. Let us be witnesses to our family members and have courage to share truth. Help us to live out our call to missions. May we be a strong support in this needy world. Let us answer the call to say "Here am I, send me. Use me.".
Not sure how you can be more missions active?

Every Christian is called to missions work—yet we are unable to perform that work through our own strength. And it’s hard to put yourself out there and be open about something so close to your heart.The World Go! Manual is the perfect resource. Starting with prayer as the foundation, the manual will take you through a wild ride of growing your faith as you become a missions-active Christian. Download the manual free at www.wgm.org/worldgo.The world needs God. Go find your mission field!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Stockton Peniel Ministries

Thanks for joining us for the concert of prayer this week. Today we prayed for the Neighborhood Center in Stockton, California.
This is an inner-city ministry focused on helping children and youth. As we continue to pray for this ministry after the concert here is a prayer target to help:
Gang influence is devastating Stockton, California. Families are torn apart, friendships are destroyed, and all ages are exposed to violent crime. Pray for the children and youth. Pray that they will drink deeply from the fountain of living water and break the cycle of violence. All in all, will you boldly ask
that the Father’s love will flood this city and transform it?
Join us as we pray tomorrow for YOUR MISSION FIELD. Our President Hubert Harriman will pray for you and your ministries. Until then, be blessed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8: Haitain American Minstries

A big challenge for Haitians born in America is the clashing of two cultures, languages, and ways of thinking. Through church, children’s/youth, and support ministries at Army of Christ Haitian Wesleyan Church in Leesburg, Florida, God’s love and acceptance are being shared with Haitian Americans.
Want to learn how to pray better for this ministry? Check out www.wgm.org/ham. And if you missed the concert to of prayer today you can hear the requests from the field at www.wgm.org/call.
Join the concert of prayer at 12 noon (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) for a five-minute prayer. Call 800-868-1837 (domestic) or 404-920-6440(international). Use code 78396872#. Tomorrow we will pray for the ministries of Stockton Peniel.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coming to a mailbox near you!

Ahhh...the holidays! It’s the most wonderful time of the year... at least that’s how the song goes. The November/December issue of The Call will take a look at the emotions and the unique activities that occur during the November and December months, otherwise known as the holiday season.

For many of us it is the most wonderful time of the year. And then there are others of us who are sad because we are away from family, away from home, or just exhausted by the demands of the season. No matter what you might be feeling (or doing) during the next couple of months The Call will keep you inspired and challenged in your missions activity.

Remember The Call now has podcasts for many of its articles so, if you find a friend struggling through the holiday season you can pass on an article without giving up your magazine.

Also, we plan to complete the concert of prayer campaign before this issue of The Call hits our website. Just wanted to give you the heads up. Wherever you find yourself this holiday season, I hope you find a little bit of hope, encouragement, and inspiration from this issue of The Call.

Happy Reading,

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

October 7: American Indian Field

How much do you know about the American Indians? Did you know that the ancient Hohokam, who are possibly the ancestors of the Pima and Tohono O’odham, built an elaborate irrigation network in central Arizona? Modern-day irrigation canals are modeled after this ancient network. Did you know that many Native Americans do not point with their fingers but with their lips or with a nod of their heads? Did you know that it is rude to ask personal questions when you first meet someone? Native Americans take their time in developing relationships.
Want to learn more? Take some time to click through the WGM website at www.wgm.org/aif.
Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for the ministry of Haitian American Ministries.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What this ministry all about? Good question. You can learn more about how World Gospel Mission is sharing the love of Christ with Muslim communities living in the US at http://www.wgm.org/muslimminusa

Muslims throughout the world need to know that Christ loves them and died for them. Pray for open hearts and for more workers to reach this people group.

How can you make a missions impact? Identify a Muslim living near you and introduce yourself. Then, pray for his or her salvation every Friday, as Friday is their day of prayer.

WGM is blessed that God has opened this ministry to Muslims in the United States in cooperation with Arab World Ministries, an evangelical mission focused on enabling people of the Arab world to proclaim Christ as their Savior. Please pray that God will grant singleness of heart in this partnership.

Lord, Be with the Muslim population now residing in the United States. Let them feel Your love even though they may be persecuted by others. Use Your church to show the real God to the Muslims. Help me to be more accepting so that my life will exemplify You. Use me to reach the searching Muslim population. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5: Hispanic Ministries USA

Thanks to all of you who joined the concert today for the Hispanic Ministries in the U.S. This field will focus most of its energies into church ministries. Keeping in mind that church is more than a building, each one of us are the church. We are the hands and feet of ministry. How are you sharing the gospel with Latin Americans living in your neighborhood? Need an idea on how to get started? Evangelism begins with relationship. Bake some cookies and share them with your neighbors. A little conversation over coffee and cookies could lead to eternal impact.

Remember that since we entered a new section of the world a new podcast is available on the website. Just click the podcast graphic and listen.

See you at the concert!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Now Entering North America

Leaving Central America...
Next Stop North America

If you were able to join the concert on Saturday you know that Debbie Hawk led us in prayer for the ministries of El Salvador. That was our last concert for the Central America region and today we entered North America with a concert for the ministries of Mexico.

We seemed to have another technical glitch today with a conference phone not working. There has been more difficulties this year than we experienced last. I think God's people are praying. I have heard from some of you saying that even though you were unable to attend or hear the concert you have been praying. Please keep praying. Pray that God will bless the efforts of this ministry and that He will be glorified.

A prayer was recorded today so if you would like to hear the concerns for the World Gospel Mission Mexico field you can hear that here.

Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for the new ministry of Hispanic Ministries in the United States.

Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2: Nicaragua

Tim Hawk, Regional Director of Central America and Hispanic Ministries, led us in prayer for the ministries of Nicaragua. The prayer request we offer in the magazine well describe the ministries taking place there. Please continue to lift these requests before the throne.

>> WGM IS PARTNERING with AMSLA (Latin American Holiness Missionary Agency) in its ministry efforts in Nicaragua. Please pray for Ubaldo and Teresa Salazar, World Gospel Mission’s only missionary couple serving on this field, as they seek direction in their outreach efforts.
>> HEALTHY TWO-PARENT FAMILIES are far less common than you would think. Pray that God will work in the lives of families as the Salazars model a healthy family relationship.

>> NICARAGUA HAS THE third-lowest per capita income in the Western Hemisphere. Pray for God’s strength to sustain those who may be wondering where their next meal will come from.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Entering Central America

Career missionary, DeeAnn Rich led the concert of prayer today for the ministries of Honduras. If you missed the concert listen here.
Honduras has been faced with uncertainty these past couple of months. Due to political conflict several short-term trips into Honduras have been cancelled. If there was ever an urgent need for prayer the time is now in Honduras.
Pray that God will grant peace. That our missionary staff will continue to be safe and pray for our mission leaders as they continue to monitor the situation. May God's will be done in Honduras!
Catch the concert tomorrow as we pray for Nicaragua.