Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What this ministry all about? Good question. You can learn more about how World Gospel Mission is sharing the love of Christ with Muslim communities living in the US at http://www.wgm.org/muslimminusa

Muslims throughout the world need to know that Christ loves them and died for them. Pray for open hearts and for more workers to reach this people group.

How can you make a missions impact? Identify a Muslim living near you and introduce yourself. Then, pray for his or her salvation every Friday, as Friday is their day of prayer.

WGM is blessed that God has opened this ministry to Muslims in the United States in cooperation with Arab World Ministries, an evangelical mission focused on enabling people of the Arab world to proclaim Christ as their Savior. Please pray that God will grant singleness of heart in this partnership.

Lord, Be with the Muslim population now residing in the United States. Let them feel Your love even though they may be persecuted by others. Use Your church to show the real God to the Muslims. Help me to be more accepting so that my life will exemplify You. Use me to reach the searching Muslim population. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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