Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8: Haitain American Minstries

A big challenge for Haitians born in America is the clashing of two cultures, languages, and ways of thinking. Through church, children’s/youth, and support ministries at Army of Christ Haitian Wesleyan Church in Leesburg, Florida, God’s love and acceptance are being shared with Haitian Americans.
Want to learn how to pray better for this ministry? Check out And if you missed the concert to of prayer today you can hear the requests from the field at
Join the concert of prayer at 12 noon (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) for a five-minute prayer. Call 800-868-1837 (domestic) or 404-920-6440(international). Use code 78396872#. Tomorrow we will pray for the ministries of Stockton Peniel.
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