Saturday, October 10, 2009

Release Your Inner Missionary!

Today we covered YOUR MISSION FIELD in prayer. President Hubert Harriman prayed that we would be the light of the world in our communities. Let us be witnesses to our family members and have courage to share truth. Help us to live out our call to missions. May we be a strong support in this needy world. Let us answer the call to say "Here am I, send me. Use me.".
Not sure how you can be more missions active?

Every Christian is called to missions work—yet we are unable to perform that work through our own strength. And it’s hard to put yourself out there and be open about something so close to your heart.The World Go! Manual is the perfect resource. Starting with prayer as the foundation, the manual will take you through a wild ride of growing your faith as you become a missions-active Christian. Download the manual free at world needs God. Go find your mission field!
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