Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green Podcasts

Anyone going green?

In case you haven't checked the website the podcasts from the GREEN issue have been posted. Check them out here:

Hey Call readers! Anyone using the podcast feature? I am looking for your thoughts on the podcasts so far. Do you have some good thoughts about things we could add to kick the podcasts up a notch? Let me know your thoughts! Drop them here in the comments link. Thanks!

The May/June edition will delivered to a mailbox near you around April 10. It's theme is focused around WGM's Unsolved Mysteries in Missions campaign. You can check out some of the mysteries we have been discussing at We have asked a myriad of WGM ministry partners their take on the mysteries. Hear from their personal experiences and possible solutions for these unsolved mysteries.

Grab your magnifying glass and let's solve some missions mysteries!

We'll chat soon,