Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prayer Calendar: September 1-7, 2013

Please feel free to use this missions prayer point from The Call for September 1-7:

Pray for David and Debbie Cartwright as they serve on the American Indian Field.

This request is inspired by Compassion from Dark Places

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And They Were Amazed

An excerpt from...

And They Were Amazed

By Beth MuehleisenUganda
July-September 2013

And They Were Amazed!Have you ever planted a seed and watched eagerly, anticipating the day when little bits of green start thrusting up from the ground?

This is what we do through seed projects in Community Health Empowerment. A seed project is a small-scale ministry project carried out by a local church using local resources to bring great blessing to local community members with no strings attached, and it whets their appetite to see more of God’s love demonstrated in practical ways.

Scholastica and Fred made hand-washing stands and placed them at public latrines on Sigulu Island in Lake Victoria. Many of the diseases that people have in Africa are caused by contaminated food and water. We can reduce this problem greatly if people wash their hands after using the toilet.

The people in the community asked Scholastica and Fred, “Why are you doing this?” “What do you get out of it?”

They answered, “We don’t get anything. We’re doing it because of God’s love.” The people were amazed!

Every time a seed project is done by someone trained through CHE, the response in every community is the same—and they were amazed! Recently as I read through the book of Mark, I noticed that the people in the communities where Jesus visited had the same reaction to His ministry: “…and they were amazed!”

We have two requests for you. One, will you pray for those involved in the CHE ministry that God will use them to rebuild walls, repair broken gates, and be Light-bearers in their communities? The second request concerns you. How does God want to use you to do a seed project in your own community? God wants to use all of us to demonstrate His agape love no matter where we live, and when we do, everyone will be amazed.

Schedule a training today!How can your church address spiritual and physical needs in your community? WGM can help with training in this area. Consider a weekend Vision Conference for Wholistic Community Transformation. Contact us at to schedule training.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Prayer Calendar: August 25-31

Use this missions prayer point this week in your time with the Lord:

PRAY that seeds of love planted through people like Scholastica and Fred will have an eternal impact in Uganda. 

Scholastica and Fred, united word and deed by making hand-washing stands and placing them at public latrines on Sigulu Island in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Many of the diseases that people have in Africa are caused by contaminated food and water. We can reduce this problem greatly if people wash their hands after using the toilet.

The people in the community began asking Scholastica and Fred, “Why are you doing this?” They answered, “We’re doing it because of God’s love.”

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Biblical Transformation

An excerpt from...

Biblical Transformation

The benefits of using the CHE tool in South Sudan
By Joy Phillips, South Sudan
July-September 2013

Biblical TransformationWorld Gospel Mission has joined a global movement called Community Health Evangelism. Mango Ministries in South Sudan uses this tool that leads to transformed lives and communities. In 2013, we are training and mentoring nearly 75 leaders in four different areas of South Sudan.

We’ve seen exciting glimpses of transformed lives in both the spiritual and physical realms. In one CHE lesson, WGM missionary John Muehleisen explained the plan of salvation by drawing the Four Spiritual Laws illustration in the dirt, in lieu of a chalkboard. Here is a testimony from one of the participants:

“I had gone to different trainings. But this was very special. I benefited spiritually and physically. This is a lesson that I can’t ever forget. I used to believe that salvation is from my side. I was thinking that I can reach God. But when Pastor John explained to us, I realized that I was wrong. I realized that it was God who can reach to me and save me. I can’t forget this lesson all my life—never!”

Isn’t that exciting? Changing misconceptions about God is the work of the Holy Spirit. Our job is to pray. Will you join us in praying that God will continue speaking truth into the lives of the CHE leaders and turn their worlds upside down? It’s a slow process, but we believe biblical transformation holds the key to radically changed lives, families, churches, and communities. When a life is wholly submitted to God and His truth and God’s creative power is unleashed, no one can predict what amazing things God will do!

Pray for Mango Ministries!Partner with Mango Ministries through prayer. Print Pray CHE, a free prayer guide, at

Learn more about CHE!Learn more about the CHE movement at

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Has Anyone Asked You Lately?

An excerpt from...

Has Anyone Asked You Lately?
By Nathan VitatoeSpain
July-September 2013

Has Anyone Asked You Lately?
We each have an incredible story of redemption, a capturing journey from death to life that God invites us to tell many times over for His glory. The question is, how are we putting the Living Word into our own living that begs others to inquire about the hope they see?

For Kenzie and me, part of our ongoing story of God’s grace involves a joyful opportunity that we had in New Jersey while traveling and speaking on homeland ministry assignment. Some might wonder what missionaries do when they’re home in the States. Yes, we speak at churches, make phone calls, write letters, send emails, tweet, post on Facebook, etc., but as missionaries, we like to focus on the M in HMA: ministry.

We were part of a young adult outreach conference called The Jeremiah Project that was packed with service projects, worship, and life challenges that encourage a deeper walk with the Lord. While our two little girls handed out milk at an adult care center for the mentally and physically disabled and Kenzie played bingo, I played dominoes with Spanish speakers. We shared moments of laughter and joy as we connected with those in the program. We sang praise songs and talked about the hope we have knowing Jesus, inviting our new friends to embrace Christ.

Live out God's Word!Live out God’s Word each day so you have the opportunity to share your hope in Christ. Your own story continues; connect with a cause in a deeper way this year by checking out

Monday, August 19, 2013

Prayer Calendar: August 18-24, 2013

The Call's missions prayer point from this week is...

PRAY for missionaries on homeland ministry assignment as they travel across the US, encouraging believers to be a part of the Great Commission.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sparrow's Nest

An excerpt from...

The Sparrow's Nest

By Betsy TejedaTexas/Mexico Border Ministries
July-September 2013

The Sparrow's Nest
As my husband, Gerson, and I were praying about a tangible way to show God’s love to the McAllen, Texas, community where we serve, the Lord planted a vision in my heart about a ministry to provide free gently used clothing for needy families. We believe that ministering to their physical needs will unlock the door of trust to minister to their spiritual needs.

Just a few months ago, our vision became a reality. We opened a clothes closet called The Sparrow’s Nest located at Taylor Community Center where families can “shop” for free food and clothes. 

When asked by the “shoppers” why our little shop is called The Sparrow’s Nest, we joyfully explain how much God loves each of us as demonstrated in Matthew 6. If He cares enough about the birds to feed them, isn’t He concerned about whether or not we have enough to feed our families? If He clothes the fields of grass with flowers, isn’t He concerned about clothing us? Are we not more precious than birds and grass? The answer is a resounding yes!

Be reminded of God's love!Do you need to be reminded of God’s love? Study in Scripture where love is mentioned alongside Jesus and journal about your findings. Are you encouraged that you can show that love to others?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Prayer Calendar: August 11-17, 2013

Thank you for remembering this missions prayer point this week:

Pray that people who come to The Sparrow’s Nest will see their physical needs provided for – and the love of Jesus Christ. 

"When asked by the “shoppers” why our little shop is called The Sparrow’s Nest, we joyfully explain how much God loves each of us as demonstrated in Matthew 6. If He cares enough about the birds to feed them, isn’t He concerned about whether or not we have enough to feed our families? If He clothes the fields of grass with flowers, isn’t He concerned about clothing us? Are we not more precious than birds and grass? The answer is a resounding yes!" ~Betsy Tejeda, Texas/Mexico Border Ministries

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who's on Your Team?

An excerpt from...

Who's on Your Team?

By Robyn MooreKenya
July-September 2013

Who's on Your Team?Partnerships are vital on the mission field. As a part of the Least of These team, I can affirm that without partnerships, we would not be able to care for as many precious, vulnerable children as we have had the privilege of doing without others coming alongside the ministry. Here’s just one example:

In January 2013, the Tenwek Hospital Eye Team came to the Nairobi area to partner with Least of These ministry, CSI International, and the Salvation Army to care for 150 students in a primary school for the blind. The Eye Team checked for ways to help with sight while our team did brief physicals, administered deworming medications, and treated acute illnesses.
We also have team members who aren’t physically with us on site but play a key role in the ministry. They are the praying and financially supporting partners. How I love working with so many to give love and care. And it takes all of us—each doing our part.

Join the team. 

Make a difference on your knees!Join the Least of These team by partnering with them in prayer. Set aside this month to pray that the staff will have wisdom and strength as they provide food, healthcare, and spiritual care for children in Nairobi.

Support the Least of These!While visiting the school for the blind, the team met several albino children in need of SPF 50 sunscreen. Help provide for this simple need through a financial gift to the Least of These ministry. Check donations should be made payable to World Gospel Mission with account #21197-CALL written in the memo line. 
Send check donations to:
World Gospel Mission
P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN 46952-0948

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Working Together

An excerpt from...

Working Together

Working Together

By Robyn MooreKenya
July-September 2013

Over several months, the Least of These team was privileged to care for a precious 10-year-old boy named Ryan. We first met him in April 2012 when our team started assisting the children’s home where he lived. He had HIV/AIDS and was on treatment, and he was malnourished as well. Our team, along with CSI International missionaries Dave and Jen Bell, helped provide higher protein foods, such as milk and peanut butter and also fruits, to help Ryan.

The second or third time we saw sweet Ryan, he was in pain with a large abdominal mass. Dr. Russ White found cancer in his lymph nodes and abdomen.

Once we knew Ryan’s diagnosis, Anthony, part of our Least of These team, went to spend time with Ryan and led him to trust Jesus as his Savior. Ryan was started on chemotherapy.

It became apparent to us that, despite treatment, God had another plan for completely healing Ryan. Just before Christmas, Ryan gave me a letter, telling me of his love for me and that he knew I loved him! What a testimony for our team that he could tell we loved him and did all we could to care for him.

On January 14, 2013, we visited and prayed with him for the last time here on earth. Later that evening, God healed Ryan completely by taking him to heaven.

On February 23, a memorial service to honor Ryan’s life was held at the children’s home where we had met him. Along with the Bells and the children, including Ryan’s sister, we planted 11 fruit trees. It is a joy to know that these trees will provide food for the children and the staff in the years to come.

As a part of the service, we shared the gospel with all the children, reminding them that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. Because Ryan trusted Jesus, he is healed and enjoying heaven! Pray with us that this seed of truth will be planted in their little lives and bear beautiful fruit.

Partner with the Least of These!
Partner with the Least of These ministry at to ensure continued care for orphans and vulnerable children whom God puts in its care.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Prayer Calendar: August 4 – 10, 2013

Take a moment this week to remember this missions prayer point in your time with God:

Pray for the Least of These team as they work together to bring hope and health to needy children in Kenya.

"I love when the body of Christ comes together to care for the least of these.” ~Robyn Moore from Working Together