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Working Together

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Working Together

Working Together

By Robyn MooreKenya
July-September 2013

Over several months, the Least of These team was privileged to care for a precious 10-year-old boy named Ryan. We first met him in April 2012 when our team started assisting the children’s home where he lived. He had HIV/AIDS and was on treatment, and he was malnourished as well. Our team, along with CSI International missionaries Dave and Jen Bell, helped provide higher protein foods, such as milk and peanut butter and also fruits, to help Ryan.

The second or third time we saw sweet Ryan, he was in pain with a large abdominal mass. Dr. Russ White found cancer in his lymph nodes and abdomen.

Once we knew Ryan’s diagnosis, Anthony, part of our Least of These team, went to spend time with Ryan and led him to trust Jesus as his Savior. Ryan was started on chemotherapy.

It became apparent to us that, despite treatment, God had another plan for completely healing Ryan. Just before Christmas, Ryan gave me a letter, telling me of his love for me and that he knew I loved him! What a testimony for our team that he could tell we loved him and did all we could to care for him.

On January 14, 2013, we visited and prayed with him for the last time here on earth. Later that evening, God healed Ryan completely by taking him to heaven.

On February 23, a memorial service to honor Ryan’s life was held at the children’s home where we had met him. Along with the Bells and the children, including Ryan’s sister, we planted 11 fruit trees. It is a joy to know that these trees will provide food for the children and the staff in the years to come.

As a part of the service, we shared the gospel with all the children, reminding them that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. Because Ryan trusted Jesus, he is healed and enjoying heaven! Pray with us that this seed of truth will be planted in their little lives and bear beautiful fruit.

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