Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And They Were Amazed

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And They Were Amazed

By Beth MuehleisenUganda
July-September 2013

And They Were Amazed!Have you ever planted a seed and watched eagerly, anticipating the day when little bits of green start thrusting up from the ground?

This is what we do through seed projects in Community Health Empowerment. A seed project is a small-scale ministry project carried out by a local church using local resources to bring great blessing to local community members with no strings attached, and it whets their appetite to see more of God’s love demonstrated in practical ways.

Scholastica and Fred made hand-washing stands and placed them at public latrines on Sigulu Island in Lake Victoria. Many of the diseases that people have in Africa are caused by contaminated food and water. We can reduce this problem greatly if people wash their hands after using the toilet.

The people in the community asked Scholastica and Fred, “Why are you doing this?” “What do you get out of it?”

They answered, “We don’t get anything. We’re doing it because of God’s love.” The people were amazed!

Every time a seed project is done by someone trained through CHE, the response in every community is the same—and they were amazed! Recently as I read through the book of Mark, I noticed that the people in the communities where Jesus visited had the same reaction to His ministry: “…and they were amazed!”

We have two requests for you. One, will you pray for those involved in the CHE ministry that God will use them to rebuild walls, repair broken gates, and be Light-bearers in their communities? The second request concerns you. How does God want to use you to do a seed project in your own community? God wants to use all of us to demonstrate His agape love no matter where we live, and when we do, everyone will be amazed.

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