Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Septemeber 30: Argentina

Glass of Prayer?

There’s nothing quite like a warm breeze blowing while you are holding a tall glass of iced tea in your hand. When Americans think of tea, that’s typically what they picture. However, when people from Argentina think of tea, they envision mate, a strong herbal tea drunk with a communal metal straw/strainer from a small container made out of wood, a gourd, or even an animal horn. The next time you find yourself sipping tea, will you pray for the World Gospel Mission churches in Argentina? Pray that Christ’s love will sweeten their communities and reach the lost.

Thought I would share this prayer reminder with you today. Take a sip, enjoy, and pray for the churches in Argentina.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Septemeber 29: Paraguay

Larry Carr led the concert of prayer today for the ministries of
Paraguay. Tomorrow the concert continues at World Gospel Mission by praying for the ministries of Argentina.

You know the one thing that becomes very apparent
through this experience? Each time we are led in prayer by another missionary they pray for the church. Not the building but the church leaders, the people that come to worship, for God's will to be done and for communities to come to know Him through ministry efforts. Do you find yourself praying for this to happen nationally but lack the same effort for the church you attend? How are you getting your hands dirty? Are you impacting your community through ministry efforts? Perhaps it's time to start praying for your mission field.

Just a thought. Be blessed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Septemeber 28: Peru

Thanks for joining us today for Peru's concert of prayer. If you were unable to make this phone call you can listen to the prayer through the WGM website at

David Strong led us in prayer for the ministries of Peru. Peru is fairly new field for World Gospel Mission with its primary focus in church ministries. The WGM missionary team currently works along-side two church plants and just this month one of those new plants was able to find a building to worship in. Praise the Lord!

Please continue to lift the national church of Peru before the throne. May God bless the pastors and leaders and may the church have impact in their communities.

Join the concert of prayer tomorrow as we pray for Paraguay. Be blessed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Entering South America

Saturday brought us another technical difficulty. I apologize you were unable to be united in prayer during our phone time but I hope that did not stop you from praying. Spain is a new field for World Gospel Mission and has newly appointed missionaries, Brad and Elizabeth Carter building their ministry partners. Learn more about this couple's ministry here.

I trust you had a wonderful morning of worship today. Some of you were able to join us for the Bolivia's concert of prayer. Betsy Phillips led us in praying for the educational ministries WGM has in Bolivia and she reminded us of the political elections that will occur in December. That reminded me of the prayer target we had in the magazine. This a good prayer reminder to keep on your prayer list:

The political conflict in the country continues unabated. The instability in the political landscape has contributed to a rise in crime in many cities throughout the country. Pray for peace, reconciliation, and unity. Pray also for the safety of the missionary team, for God’s leading to be clear to the field leadership in making ministry decisions, and for steadfastness in witnessing to the faithfulness of God regardless of the circumstances.
Be blessed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Septemeber 25: Hungary

The concert of prayer today was for the ministries of WGM Hungary. Dan Searls led us in prayer and reminded us to pray for the kids, the missionary kids, who grow up on the field. He asked that their parents would teach them to be light to those they come in contact with. That was a reminder that touched my heart. Our MK's grow up in a very different world than how my kids grow up, but they will only bear witness wherever they are if taught to do so. What a ministry God has given parents. That's a prayer request for both the kids, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, you and me. may we be faithful to pray long after the concert is over.

If you have missed any of the concerts of prayer you can listen to them on our website. Listen to today's concert by clicking on the picture.

Join us for the concert tomorrow where we will pray for the new WGM field of Spain.

Until then, be blessed.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Entering Europe

Our concert of prayer journey has led us into Europe
and our first stop is Ukraine.

Ernie Smith led the concert praying through the specific ministries each missionary sering in Ukraine is involved with. Ernie also made the plea this field needs more missionary staff to complete the work. Could this be the area of the world God is calling you to? If you are not sure but would like to explore the possibility think about going on a short-term trip to see if God confirms it in your heart.

Have checked out The Call concert on the web?
There is some exclusive content just waiting for you to explore. The larger regions offer podcast interviews with a missionary serving in that area. In the podcast we explore social issues that this region faces. Click on the image to listen.

Join the concert tomorrow as we meet up with Hungary.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Entering Oceania

In our concert today we moved out Asia and entered Oceania where WGM ministries happen in Papua New Guinea.

Todd Eckhardt led us in prayer today and he reminded us all that right Jim and Becka Johnson are the only missionaries on the field. The other members of our staff are in the States developing ministry partners. To learn more about these missionaries and their needs please click here.

If you are note involved in monthly giving to a missionary might you consider a missionary to PNG as they help to share Christ through pastoral training.

Just a reminder if you miss any of the concerts you can listen to them on the WGM website.

Join the concert tomorrow at 12 noon (EDST) by calling 800-868-1837 and use code 78396872#. We will be praying for the ministries of Ukraine.

See you at the concert!

Kristi Crisp

The Call Editor

World Gospel Mission

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Septemeber 22: India

An Emphasis on Education

Kevin Zirkle led us in prayer for India at the concert today. South India Biblical seminary is at the heart of what World Gospel Mission does in India. Hundreds of SIBS graduates are in ministry taking the message of Christ to their own people. Pray for these graduates as they are impacting India with the Gospel. Because of government restrictions, a missionary presence in India is not a long-term commitment. The school is need of professors who will continue to challenge the next generation of leaders to win India for Christ. Is this an area in which you can serve? If so, contact If teaching is not your strong point please continue to pray for this need.

Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for Papua New Guinea.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today we were able to join our hearts together and pray for the ministries in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan you cannot freely share your faith. That's a luxury I have living in the United States. Because I can freely share my concern for the people of Kazakhstan I have been able to impact the ministries there from right where I live. In fact, I have partnered with Kazakhstan to help the Apple Tree ministry. My coworkers and I raised money to provide winter clothes and coats for children at the Apple Tree House.

You can do that too. Want to know how? My office took on this project through the Great Co-Mission catalog. We asked our friends, family, and church to support this need and were able to raise enough to provide warm clothes and coats to over a dozen kids. It wasn't hard and there are several projects like this in the catalog. You can view the catalog at Build your team and make an impact for missions in your neighborhood. There are kids on the other side of the world who will thank you.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Concert Enters Asia

If you were able to join us for a prayer time this weekend you have
probably noticed that we entered Asia, praying for Japan and Taiwan.

Kevin Zirkle joined us praying from Japan on Saturday. He shared with us upcoming events that will effect the ministries of Japan. From Zac Motts preparing to marry to the Japan Congress on Evangelism happening later this week. Let's continue to pray for God to work in the heart's of our church leaders and also, that God would raise leaders in the younger generation to carry the church in the years to come. May God's perfect will be done.

Denny Craker joined us from Taiwan this afternoon. I had a chance to chat with Denny before our prayer time and it was midnight in Taiwan. He was thankful for the opportunity to pray with all of us and share with us what God is doing in the Craker's ministry.

As you heard from Denny's prayer each one of his family members are involved in ministry. This is not unusual for our missionary staff. That's a good reminder to pray for the protection of these families. As they continue to give of themselves in ministry pray that they will take the time they need to also be filled with the Spirit. Pray that their devotional times will keep their spiritual cups full and protect their marriages, families, and relationships.

Margaret Farnsworth is scheduled to pray with us tomorrow for the ministries of Kazakhstan. Don't miss it. Be blessed.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Friday, September 18, 2009

Septemeber 18: Sudan

A Broader View
Today Billy Coppedge, currently serving in Uganda and Sudan, led our prayer concert for the field of Sudan. Sudan is a fairly new field for World Gospel Mission so I learned quite a bit about this ministry during our prayer time. I'll be able to pray better for the ministry in Sudan now and I hope you will too.
If you missed the concert and would like to hear the prayer click here.
Praying with Billy today reminded me of there prayer targets you see throughout this edition of The Call, WGM's bi-monthly magazine. The prayer targets are designed to give you a social issues that this portion of the world is facing so you can pray more specifically for the Sudanese.
Here is Sudan's prayer target:
Following a terrible civil war that ravaged the country of Sudan, the media spotlight is gone and the road to recovery is long and pockmarked. Pray for long-lasting peace and reconciliation. Pray for the safety of relief workers. Ask the Holy Spirit to flood the country with a desire for the truth of the gospel. Pray that the church will grow in southern Sudan and will reach the lost in the north and the west.
The prayer concert continues tomorrow as we pray for Japan. See you at the concert!
Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's Concert: Uganda

What a great concert!

Were you able to attend Uganda's concert of prayer today? If not click here to listen to the prayer time.

Ken Hopson shared several requests from the field. He shared the requests from each missions station. At Heritage International School you can pray for several students who have recently lost relatives and caregivers. Pray that God will provide them grace during this period of grief.

Ken also touched on the famine crisis that many are facing in Uganda. Many families are in need during this famine. You can help provide relief to Ugandans in Africa. Join the fight against hunger in Uganda now by giving to the Crisis Relief Fund! Your donation could be the difference between life and death. Terry Duncan, Regional Director of Africa, shares, “No doubt you may never see these desperate people, but someday you may talk with them in heaven and they can tell you what this meant to them. Thanks to all who made this possible.”

PRAY: Heavenly Father, please protect your people in Uganda as they face this urgent battle. May you fill their bodies and souls with love and provide for their every need. We lift them to you, Lord, and place them in your powerful hands. Amen.Click here to help with famine relief in Uganda through the Crisis Relief Fund.

Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for Sudan!

~Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Concert of Prayer: Tanzania

Hey Readers!

I just wanted to point out the lower section of this Concert of Prayer edition. Have you noticed this section? Take these prayer reminders with you. There easy, practical, and pretty ordinary reminders to keep your praying after the concert ends. Ministry will continue to grow and strengthen through prayer. Here is the reminder for Tanzania. You'll never look at trees the same.

Save a Tree, Pray for the Church
Wouldn’t you love to go on a safari? Talk about seeing God’s amazing creation up close! One of the most iconic images of Tanzania is a lone acacia tree pictured against a stunning sunset. We want God to bless the church in Tanzania so it can grow as tall and strong as these trees. Do you know of a particularly special tree in your town? The next time you drive, walk, or bike by, take some time to pray for the church in Tanzania.
Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for Uganda, Africa.
~Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Septemeber 15: Burundi


Hope you were able to join the concert call today. There were about 24 people who joined the concert to cover the field of Burundi in prayer. The prayer time was lead by yours truly. Our missionary staff person was unable to connect with us today so I had the privilege of leading this concert event.

The interesting thing about the field of Burundi is that World Gospel Mission's service to this field is short-term through Light University. How can you be part of this ministry? The school is in need of teachers from Communications (video, radio, etc.) to teaching English as a Second Language. Can you give a semester of your time to serve in Burundi? Could they be waiting for you?
Don't forget to check out The Call pages on the web. Listen to an exclusive podcast about Africa. And join us tomorrow as we lift the field of Tanzania in prayer.
See you at the concert!
Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor

Monday, September 14, 2009

Technical Difficulties


I am so sorry for the technical difficulty we experienced today. We heard from several of you who called in and did not get to hear the prayer. There was a glitch in the conference system and we have been on the phone with our provider trusting that this will not happen again.

Please take a moment to pray for the field of Kenya. Jon Steury did a wonderful job praying through the missionary staff serving in this area. You can pray for them too. Click on this link to see a list of those sharing the gospel in Kenya.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for the field of Burundi. God Bless.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Concert of Prayer: Ready for the show?

It's coming. We are less than a week away. Are you ready?

I am feeling nervous, excited, and challenged by the upcoming Encore: Concert of Prayer. I have committed to serving as the HQ back-up the first week of the concert event. For me, this is one of those tasks that put the butterflies in my belly very actively in motion. I mean who really wants to stumble over their words or say something silly in front of hundreds of people? I think that would be most of us.

Honestly the prayer time is so challenging. I missed one day of our prayer time last year and I need to redeem myself. It's a huge commitment. Do you how many places you can find yourself at 12 noon (EDST)? From fast food restaurants to the office, dropping everything and taking time to pray can be a challenge. But well worth it. If you participated in the concert last year you know that the experience is a blessing.

God shows up every time. It's such a blessing to experience concentrated with other believers.

If you miss one concert events (like I did) check out I'll be posting a recording of our prayer time on the site every day.

Hope I'll get to pray with you and your family and friends at the concert. We start on Monday, September 14 with Kenya. Join me and others as Jon Steury leads us in prayer.

See you at the concert!

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission