Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Concert Goer!

Your ticket into the concert of prayer event of the year will arrive shortly! You’ve been upgraded to VIP status with an all access 30-day pass. Your ticket (your magazine) allows you to cover a World Gospel Mission field in prayer from September 14 through October 13.

30 days—30 mission fields!

The most amazing part—a miracle of modern technology that recreates WGM’s historic Prayer Bands for the 21st century:

Call in daily (along with hundreds of other concert goers) on a special toll-free number to pray together live with a missionary serving on that field –
a sort of backstage pass, if you will!

So, spread the word to your family, church, and friends. This has the potential to be WGM’s largest simultaneous prayer effort in history, as we bathe our fields around the world in prayer!

Like last year I will be attending the concert and giving you my thoughts on the days events right here so stay tuned.

Your concert experience begins September 14.

Happy Reading,

Kristi Crisp

The Call Editor

World Gospel Mission

P.S. Follow the day-to-day concert on the web at