Sunday, August 30, 2015

Prayer Calendar: August 30 - September 5

Support ministries are the backbone of the mission. They are the people who find purpose in paying the bills, maintaining the properties, printing newsletters, praying and encouraging the staff, etc. What they do day in and day out keeps everyone focused on the cause of missions. This week we pause to remember those who joyfully serve in this capacity through our missions prayer point: 

PRAY for all missionaries and volunteers who serve behind the scenes in support roles in missions.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Investing in Leaders

An excerpt from....

Investing in Leaders

By Mark Dunbar, Missionary, Mexico
July-September 2015

PETE, the theological education program in Mexico, holds monthly classes for around 50 students/church leaders.
For several years, Serena and I have had 2 Timothy 2:2 as our life verse: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (NIV).

While serving as missionaries in Honduras, we filled many roles—board members, teachers, field director, field treasurer, etc. We always felt most fulfilled, however, when we directly trained Hondurans with the skills and knowledge that God so freely gave to us.

Now that we are in northern Mexico, we see a real need for more leaders. The small churches consist of regular, everyday people who have families and need to work full time to live. Their best opportunity to learn more about God’s Word and the skills they need to share it is through our theological education program, PETE (Programa de Estudios Teologicos por Extension).

Under this program, students receive reading and homework assignments one month before the class. The eight-hour, once-a-month class is used to supplement the reading, answer questions, and dive deeper into God’s Word. A year ago, the mission set a goal to have four PETE centers open by the end of 2014. God blessed, and we now have six PETE centers with around 50 students, and five of our churches are pastored by PETE students or graduates.

Felipe and Maria came to know the Lord several years ago. Felipe was following his father’s example of alcoholism, while Maria was a strong community leader within the Catholic Church. When they heard the story of Christ’s sacrifice for them so that they could be free, they repented and were wonderfully saved. When we came to Mexico two years ago, they were leaders in a local church. Their pastor encouraged them to start a cell group, so they opened up their small home for a meeting once a week. They often have 50 people (both kids and adults) crowded into their small garage and living room where they teach what they have learned from their studies.

It is fun and fulfilling to have them, along with their daughter and son-in-law, in PETE. They ask questions that are not hypothetical but practical: “What does God mean when He says that…?” and “What do you suggest that I do in this situation?” They are the “reliable people” who are already teaching others, just as Paul mentioned.

GIVE: Do you want to invest in the life of one of these leaders? You can be a part of their training by giving to the PETE Scholarship Program at

GoGO: A theological education professor is needed to teach classes on theological education and pastoral and leadership training. Learn more about this need at

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prayer Calendar: August 23-29, 2015

Every issue of The Call offers a prayer calendar that lists mission praises and requests for you to incorporate into your prayer time each quarter. Thank you for partnering with World Gospel Mission in prayer support. Here is your inspired request for the week of August 23–29: 

PRAY for Mark and Serena Dunbar as they teach theological education by extension in Mexico. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Print Shop

An excerpt from...

The Print Shop

By Kenneth Hopson, Missionary, Uganda
July-September 2015

Kenneth Hopson works in The Print Shop in Uganda.
It’s a normal name for a printing ministry, but there is definitely more going on at this place than putting ink on paper. Take a short tour with me of this one-car garage turned into The Print Shop and you’ll discover what I’m talking about.

It started out as a dream; I want to have a place where I could help World Gospel Mission and other ministries in Uganda with their printing needs. I knew that literature was very valuable and hoped that God could use my printing experience that began in a printing class in high school. When God called me to serve Him in Africa, my dream began. Little did I know that long ago, my God could use a printer.

When my family arrived in Uganda in 2004, the ministry started out slowly, printing pastors’ lessons and prayer letters for missionaries. There wasn’t enough printing to keep me busy full time, so I also helped by teaching a little in the pastors’ training ministry. I longed to use my skills in running machines and putting books together, and I waited to see what would happen. Then, one of those God-ordained moments came. You know, when something you never expected to happen, happened. I attended, in place of someone who couldn’t attend, a meeting of several missions agencies. I told the group what we were doing in Uganda. That day, my God, my best friend, opened the door to print for another missions organization. That put in motion a journey that has led me to print for many missions organizations in Uganda and East Africa, reaching to countries well beyond.

In 2014 alone, we printed in many different languages, including Mitto, Collo, Fur, Baka, Lugwere, Tennet, Lubwisi, Lugungu, Madi’ Okollo, Ik, and Thur. The Gospel of Luke and the book of Ruth were printed in the last three languages listed, making them the first books of God’s Word ever printed in these languages! God has been so good to The Print Shop, to be used in such a small way for His glory.

I have enough work now to have a helper, a young Ugandan man named Leonard. Together, we print words on sheets of paper that disciple and bring people to Jesus; many of these people we can’t communicate with or may never know, and it’s all for Jesus. The profits that are received from The Print Shop go to purchase supplies and maintain equipment and also help to financially support vital WGM ministries, such as pastors’ training, Community Health Empowerment, university ministries, scholarships for higher education for Ugandan pastors, and more. That’s one of the best parts of serving in The Print Shop.

PRAY: Have you asked God how He can use your dreams and skills in missions? Take time this month to pray for God to reveal His plan for your life.

MoreMORE: God used Kenneth’s experience as a printer on the mission field. There’s a good chance we are looking for someone willing to serve with your skill set. Learn more about WGM’s ministry opportunities at

Monday, August 17, 2015

Prayer Calendar: August 16-22, 2015

Join The Call readers in praising Jesus for the blessing of His Word to His people. Your prayer calendar missions point is below:

August 16 – August 22: PRAISE God that The Print Shop has been able to help produce newly-translated Bible versions for people groups in Uganda and beyond. 

Learn more about the ministry of the Print Shop here:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Purposeful Responsibilities

An excerpt from...

Purposeful Responsibilities

By Ann Seaney, Missionary, Bolivia
July-September 2015

Ann Seaney serves as field treasurer for WGM Bolivia and WGM Peru.
Aren’t you glad God gave us purposeful responsibilities that He has gifted us to fulfill? After finishing my teaching career, the Lord gave me the opportunity to learn how to be an accountant. It began as on-the-job training while I was part of the missionary team in Cusco, Peru. The training continued when I returned to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to serve as treasurer for both Peru and Bolivia. It hasn’t always been easy, but I have enjoyed the opportunity and am grateful for colleagues who have been patient and kind in the process.
Routine and clear expectations are part of my comfort zone. These characteristics also fit well in the treasurer’s office. (Not that the unexpected never happens!) The normal routine includes paying the bills, disbursing money to missionaries and nationals, processing expense reports, and compiling financial reports at the end of the month. It could all sound very mundane except for the people behind the receipts. People like:
  • Matilde, a faithful Christian lady whose suffering was eased by the gift of an oxygen machine
  • A local pastor who received funds to pay for his young children’s schooling
  • University students whose lives will be enriched by living in the new university residence under construction in Sucre
  • Hundreds of individuals in northern Bolivia who were comforted as they received food and other staples following a devastating flood
  • Teenagers whose lives have been changed after attending youth camp in Tarija
  • Lawyers and accountants from whom we seek counsel so we may honor our host country by faithfully complying with the laws for non-profit organizations
What a joy it is to see what God is doing through the money that has been entrusted to us to administer.

I thoroughly enjoy my routine time in the office, but I also enjoy times “outside the walls” to keep my life in balance. It brings me great pleasure to make home visits to the elderly and to visit ladies in their homes, encouraging them in their walks with Jesus. Participating in the women’s ministry at church gives me an opportunity to both serve Jesus and grow in my relationship with Him.

GO: Treasurers and accountants are a vital part of the mission field team. Opportunities to serve in this capacity are available in multiple locations. To find out more, contact Jared Gleason at or 765.671.7226.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Prayer Calendar: August 9-15, 2015

Support Ministries...those crucial ministries that often happen behind the scenes are the focus of this week's prayer calendar. Join us August 9–15 as we pray for continued wisdom for Ann Seaney and others serving in accounting on the mission field.

Learn more about this important role in this issue of The Call.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Committed to Christ-centered Care

Committed to Christ-centered Care

By Kacey Heinlein, Volunteer, with Mike Chupp, Missionary,Kenya
July-September 2015

Dr. Agneta Odera comforts Baby Elah, who underwent surgery at Tenwek Hospital (Kenya) to repair a severe heart defect.
Located in Bomet, Kenya,Tenwek Hospital is one of the most advanced mission hospitals in Africa. It has open heart and joint replacement surgery capabilities as well as comprehensive eye care services, sophisticated endoscopy, dedicated GI cancer research, a busy HIV/AIDS clinic, complex pediatrics resources, and family care medicine. But according to Dr. Mike Chupp, long-term medical director at Tenwek, two particular aspects make Tenwek stand out: its commitment to compassionate, Christ-centered healthcare, and its medical personnel’s focus on teamwork.

Christian doctors, nurses, and clinical officers provide primary care for half a million local people and referral care for over 5 million people in the region. Dr. Chupp considers the staff’s spiritual ministry focus the number one reason Tenwek has been blessed, saying that “a doctor is in an incredible position to address spiritual needs as well as physical ones.”

Tenwek is also a means for God to take care of people in Africa beyond Kenya. Baby Elah is the daughter of a pastor in Ghana. She was named after the valley in the Bible where David faced Goliath. Soon after her birth, Elah’s parents found that she had a severe heart defect. Her parents learned of the care available at Tenwek. They were able to fly Elah to Kenya to have the operation, where Dr. Agneta Odera, a future pediatric surgeon who advanced from a medical intern to chief surgery resident while training at Tenwek, performed the surgery. The heart defect was closed during open heart surgery, and Elah had an amazing recovery.

“God got her all the way to Kenya, and she had open heart surgery to the glory of God,” Dr. Chupp said.
The medical staff at Tenwek is made up of roughly equal numbers of Kenyan and American doctors, a ratio that has evened out in recent years due to Tenwek’s focus on training. Where in America one doctor will make rounds to check on patients, doctors at Tenwek work in teams of four to six with experienced doctors instructing the less experienced. Even though Kenya has long been affected by intertribal struggles, Tenwek is a place where many different professionals come together to serve and learn.
Some medical staff come to Tenwek for the opportunity to learn, and others come in response to God’s calling. Dr. Chupp shared that he is “absolutely amazed and humbled” to work with both the American and national doctors at Tenwek.

“These,” he said, “are some of God’s very blessed servants.”
GO: Tenwek Hospital receives many volunteers each year. Are you looking for a hands-on experience in medical missions? to learn more.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Prayer Calendar: August 2 - 8, 2015

Tenwek Hospital stands out for more than being one of the most advanced mission hospitals in Africa. It is committed to compassionate, Christ-centered healthcare, and the medical staff care deeply about teamwork.

August 2 – August 8: Praise God for showering His blessings on Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.