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The Print Shop

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The Print Shop

By Kenneth Hopson, Missionary, Uganda
July-September 2015

Kenneth Hopson works in The Print Shop in Uganda.
It’s a normal name for a printing ministry, but there is definitely more going on at this place than putting ink on paper. Take a short tour with me of this one-car garage turned into The Print Shop and you’ll discover what I’m talking about.

It started out as a dream; I want to have a place where I could help World Gospel Mission and other ministries in Uganda with their printing needs. I knew that literature was very valuable and hoped that God could use my printing experience that began in a printing class in high school. When God called me to serve Him in Africa, my dream began. Little did I know that long ago, my God could use a printer.

When my family arrived in Uganda in 2004, the ministry started out slowly, printing pastors’ lessons and prayer letters for missionaries. There wasn’t enough printing to keep me busy full time, so I also helped by teaching a little in the pastors’ training ministry. I longed to use my skills in running machines and putting books together, and I waited to see what would happen. Then, one of those God-ordained moments came. You know, when something you never expected to happen, happened. I attended, in place of someone who couldn’t attend, a meeting of several missions agencies. I told the group what we were doing in Uganda. That day, my God, my best friend, opened the door to print for another missions organization. That put in motion a journey that has led me to print for many missions organizations in Uganda and East Africa, reaching to countries well beyond.

In 2014 alone, we printed in many different languages, including Mitto, Collo, Fur, Baka, Lugwere, Tennet, Lubwisi, Lugungu, Madi’ Okollo, Ik, and Thur. The Gospel of Luke and the book of Ruth were printed in the last three languages listed, making them the first books of God’s Word ever printed in these languages! God has been so good to The Print Shop, to be used in such a small way for His glory.

I have enough work now to have a helper, a young Ugandan man named Leonard. Together, we print words on sheets of paper that disciple and bring people to Jesus; many of these people we can’t communicate with or may never know, and it’s all for Jesus. The profits that are received from The Print Shop go to purchase supplies and maintain equipment and also help to financially support vital WGM ministries, such as pastors’ training, Community Health Empowerment, university ministries, scholarships for higher education for Ugandan pastors, and more. That’s one of the best parts of serving in The Print Shop.

PRAY: Have you asked God how He can use your dreams and skills in missions? Take time this month to pray for God to reveal His plan for your life.

MoreMORE: God used Kenneth’s experience as a printer on the mission field. There’s a good chance we are looking for someone willing to serve with your skill set. Learn more about WGM’s ministry opportunities at
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