Monday, January 30, 2012

Regional Update from the USA and West Indies

An excerpt from Regional Update: USA and West Indies
By Tim Rickel, Vice President of International Ministries
January–March 2012

In August, our missionaries on the American Indian Field were excited to start construction on a multipurpose building on the Peoria, Arizona, campus of Southwest Indian Ministries Center. This will allow them to expand their Bible camp ministry to Native American children and their outreach to the whole community. Missionaries are also living on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Sells, Arizona, and near the Navajo Reservation in Farmington, New Mexico. Working as bivocational missionaries, a number of AIF missionaries are impacting Native American families in the reservation communities where they live. These are exciting days for the American Indian Field.

Stockton, California, has seen an upswing in gang-related violence, with 39 dead and over 150 wounded in what is being called a gang war. Bob Margaron is involved with community leaders, speaking in “town hall” meetings about community-wide intervention. One shooting in which an innocent bystander was killed happened just half a block from The Center, WGM’s community center in Stockton. Bob is working directly with the intended victim’s family to provide safety and resources.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Regional Update from Africa

An excerpt from Regional Update: Africa
By Terry Duncan, Regional Director of Africa
January–March 2012

Kenya: WGM’s largest field with over 30 missionaries
A new eye and dental complex is being planned at Tenwek Hospital. The Africa Gospel Church Baby Center is providing good care and much love to orphaned and abandoned children of Kenya. AGC of Kenya has expanded its outreach with a new church plant in the coastal town of Mombasa, and they are reaching out to several new areas. AGC–Kenya has nearly 50 missionaries serving in cross-cultural ministry.

South Sudan: Africa’s newest nation
On July 9, 2011, the people of South Sudan celebrated as they became the 54th nation of Africa. These people have experienced persecution and fighting for decades, so this new freedom gives great hope. WGM has assisted several churches with training pastors and staffed three medical ministries with volunteers. Tenwek Hospital sent its eye team to do a clinic, and in four days they did over 170 cataract surgeries along with successful evangelism. WGM desires to work closely with local communities to do transformational development. In all of this, we need God’s help and direction.

Uganda: AGC Uganda is born
These are exciting days as AGC Uganda was granted its own registration and installed its first leaders in November 2011. Pray for these young leaders who are overseeing more than 150 congregations. Ministry on a group of islands is providing education, medical services, and spiritual care to isolated communities. More than 150 AIDS orphans are being educated through scholarships. A university in the capital city of Kampala has a discipleship ministry that touches several hundred students. Many other locations are targeted to expand the ministry, but we need more people who will obey God’s call.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making Progress

An excerpt from Making Progress
By Hubert Harriman, President
January–March 2012

The most common question put to me is “How is WGM doing?” It’s a question about progress. One dictionary definition of progress is “gradual betterment.” I appreciate that definition because it allows for time, and progress is better measured over a period of time. I’m proud to say that—

WGM is rooted in history. You can’t be around as long as WGM has (just over 100 years) and not have strong, deep, far-reaching roots. An organization rooted in history is rich in personalities, partnerships, and possibilities. Even in failures, our history has taught us to keep our eyes on God because the tough times are where He is at His best.

WGM is anchored in theology. The most important thing about WGM is that we firmly believe and proclaim that God is holy and has called us to be a holy people.

WGM is involved in community. How do we measure progress? By asking the question, “Are we changing communities?”

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Arrival...

The Call has asked for your partnership with many needs over the years, but in the January/February/March 2012 issue, we report progress, development, improvement, and growth in some major areas of World Gospel Mission’s ministries. Taking a look back at what God has done is always a good way to begin a new year.

So go grab your favorite drink, and sit back and relax with some good missions news. Click here to read or listen (by podcast) to this issue now.