Monday, January 30, 2012

Regional Update from the USA and West Indies

An excerpt from Regional Update: USA and West Indies
By Tim Rickel, Vice President of International Ministries
January–March 2012

In August, our missionaries on the American Indian Field were excited to start construction on a multipurpose building on the Peoria, Arizona, campus of Southwest Indian Ministries Center. This will allow them to expand their Bible camp ministry to Native American children and their outreach to the whole community. Missionaries are also living on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Sells, Arizona, and near the Navajo Reservation in Farmington, New Mexico. Working as bivocational missionaries, a number of AIF missionaries are impacting Native American families in the reservation communities where they live. These are exciting days for the American Indian Field.

Stockton, California, has seen an upswing in gang-related violence, with 39 dead and over 150 wounded in what is being called a gang war. Bob Margaron is involved with community leaders, speaking in “town hall” meetings about community-wide intervention. One shooting in which an innocent bystander was killed happened just half a block from The Center, WGM’s community center in Stockton. Bob is working directly with the intended victim’s family to provide safety and resources.

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