Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making Progress

An excerpt from Making Progress
By Hubert Harriman, President
January–March 2012

The most common question put to me is “How is WGM doing?” It’s a question about progress. One dictionary definition of progress is “gradual betterment.” I appreciate that definition because it allows for time, and progress is better measured over a period of time. I’m proud to say that—

WGM is rooted in history. You can’t be around as long as WGM has (just over 100 years) and not have strong, deep, far-reaching roots. An organization rooted in history is rich in personalities, partnerships, and possibilities. Even in failures, our history has taught us to keep our eyes on God because the tough times are where He is at His best.

WGM is anchored in theology. The most important thing about WGM is that we firmly believe and proclaim that God is holy and has called us to be a holy people.

WGM is involved in community. How do we measure progress? By asking the question, “Are we changing communities?”

To learn more about WGM's progress charted in this issue of The Call click through the online magazine at www.wgm.org/call.
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