Monday, December 22, 2008

Now Available by Podcast: The Call


That's right The Call podcasts are now available through itunes. And I could not be more excited to share them with you. Imagine getting all the missions-active news you want and need without ever flipping through the pages of a magazine?

The following podcasts are available from the January/February 2009 issue of The Call:

President's Perspective - The Call: Our Declaration and Commitment

Editor's Pick - Taking Up the Spiral Notebook Mantle

Prayer for People Like Me - Using a Prayer Journal

Prayer is the Ministry - Why do Bad Things Happen?

Church Challenge - When God Says Go, College Wesleyan Church

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With Joy,

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why do bad things happen?

Hello Readers!

Many of you were inspired by the November/December issue of The Call and are giving gifts of missions this year. Wouldn't it be cool if the needs to several projects were met because you honored somebody on your Christmas list. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. Together we can do it!

I am writing today because the January/February issue will be mailing this week. Hooray! This issue is challenging and inspiring. This issue asks the question, "Why do bad things happen?". Why are children dying of hunger in Africa, why was Haiti devastated with hurricane damage this year, and why don't children have coats in Kazakhstan - I don't know, but I do know that God is bigger than all of those things. The writers share their stories of life struggle and defeat, but through each circumstance God is in control.

You will soon be bombarded with ways to set goals for the coming year, ways to simplify your life, and ways to lessen your environmental footprint but take a moment to laugh, cry, and be reminded that God is in control, even in the bad times.

Wherever you are on the road of life be blessed!

Kristi Crisp
Call to Prayer Editor
World Gospel Mission

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