Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Concert of Prayer: Tanzania

Hey Readers!

I just wanted to point out the lower section of this Concert of Prayer edition. Have you noticed this section? Take these prayer reminders with you. There easy, practical, and pretty ordinary reminders to keep your praying after the concert ends. Ministry will continue to grow and strengthen through prayer. Here is the reminder for Tanzania. You'll never look at trees the same.

Save a Tree, Pray for the Church
Wouldn’t you love to go on a safari? Talk about seeing God’s amazing creation up close! One of the most iconic images of Tanzania is a lone acacia tree pictured against a stunning sunset. We want God to bless the church in Tanzania so it can grow as tall and strong as these trees. Do you know of a particularly special tree in your town? The next time you drive, walk, or bike by, take some time to pray for the church in Tanzania.
Join the concert tomorrow as we pray for Uganda, Africa.
~Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission
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