Friday, September 18, 2009

Septemeber 18: Sudan

A Broader View
Today Billy Coppedge, currently serving in Uganda and Sudan, led our prayer concert for the field of Sudan. Sudan is a fairly new field for World Gospel Mission so I learned quite a bit about this ministry during our prayer time. I'll be able to pray better for the ministry in Sudan now and I hope you will too.
If you missed the concert and would like to hear the prayer click here.
Praying with Billy today reminded me of there prayer targets you see throughout this edition of The Call, WGM's bi-monthly magazine. The prayer targets are designed to give you a social issues that this portion of the world is facing so you can pray more specifically for the Sudanese.
Here is Sudan's prayer target:
Following a terrible civil war that ravaged the country of Sudan, the media spotlight is gone and the road to recovery is long and pockmarked. Pray for long-lasting peace and reconciliation. Pray for the safety of relief workers. Ask the Holy Spirit to flood the country with a desire for the truth of the gospel. Pray that the church will grow in southern Sudan and will reach the lost in the north and the west.
The prayer concert continues tomorrow as we pray for Japan. See you at the concert!
Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission
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