Friday, September 25, 2009

Septemeber 25: Hungary

The concert of prayer today was for the ministries of WGM Hungary. Dan Searls led us in prayer and reminded us to pray for the kids, the missionary kids, who grow up on the field. He asked that their parents would teach them to be light to those they come in contact with. That was a reminder that touched my heart. Our MK's grow up in a very different world than how my kids grow up, but they will only bear witness wherever they are if taught to do so. What a ministry God has given parents. That's a prayer request for both the kids, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, you and me. may we be faithful to pray long after the concert is over.

If you have missed any of the concerts of prayer you can listen to them on our website. Listen to today's concert by clicking on the picture.

Join us for the concert tomorrow where we will pray for the new WGM field of Spain.

Until then, be blessed.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission
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