Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Concert Enters Asia

If you were able to join us for a prayer time this weekend you have
probably noticed that we entered Asia, praying for Japan and Taiwan.

Kevin Zirkle joined us praying from Japan on Saturday. He shared with us upcoming events that will effect the ministries of Japan. From Zac Motts preparing to marry to the Japan Congress on Evangelism happening later this week. Let's continue to pray for God to work in the heart's of our church leaders and also, that God would raise leaders in the younger generation to carry the church in the years to come. May God's perfect will be done.

Denny Craker joined us from Taiwan this afternoon. I had a chance to chat with Denny before our prayer time and it was midnight in Taiwan. He was thankful for the opportunity to pray with all of us and share with us what God is doing in the Craker's ministry.

As you heard from Denny's prayer each one of his family members are involved in ministry. This is not unusual for our missionary staff. That's a good reminder to pray for the protection of these families. As they continue to give of themselves in ministry pray that they will take the time they need to also be filled with the Spirit. Pray that their devotional times will keep their spiritual cups full and protect their marriages, families, and relationships.

Margaret Farnsworth is scheduled to pray with us tomorrow for the ministries of Kazakhstan. Don't miss it. Be blessed.

Kristi Crisp
The Call Editor
World Gospel Mission
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