Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Has Anyone Asked You Lately?

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Has Anyone Asked You Lately?
By Nathan VitatoeSpain
July-September 2013

Has Anyone Asked You Lately?
We each have an incredible story of redemption, a capturing journey from death to life that God invites us to tell many times over for His glory. The question is, how are we putting the Living Word into our own living that begs others to inquire about the hope they see?

For Kenzie and me, part of our ongoing story of God’s grace involves a joyful opportunity that we had in New Jersey while traveling and speaking on homeland ministry assignment. Some might wonder what missionaries do when they’re home in the States. Yes, we speak at churches, make phone calls, write letters, send emails, tweet, post on Facebook, etc., but as missionaries, we like to focus on the M in HMA: ministry.

We were part of a young adult outreach conference called The Jeremiah Project that was packed with service projects, worship, and life challenges that encourage a deeper walk with the Lord. While our two little girls handed out milk at an adult care center for the mentally and physically disabled and Kenzie played bingo, I played dominoes with Spanish speakers. We shared moments of laughter and joy as we connected with those in the program. We sang praise songs and talked about the hope we have knowing Jesus, inviting our new friends to embrace Christ.

Live out God's Word!Live out God’s Word each day so you have the opportunity to share your hope in Christ. Your own story continues; connect with a cause in a deeper way this year by checking out www.wgm.org/causes.

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