Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sparrow's Nest

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The Sparrow's Nest

By Betsy TejedaTexas/Mexico Border Ministries
July-September 2013

The Sparrow's Nest
As my husband, Gerson, and I were praying about a tangible way to show God’s love to the McAllen, Texas, community where we serve, the Lord planted a vision in my heart about a ministry to provide free gently used clothing for needy families. We believe that ministering to their physical needs will unlock the door of trust to minister to their spiritual needs.

Just a few months ago, our vision became a reality. We opened a clothes closet called The Sparrow’s Nest located at Taylor Community Center where families can “shop” for free food and clothes. 

When asked by the “shoppers” why our little shop is called The Sparrow’s Nest, we joyfully explain how much God loves each of us as demonstrated in Matthew 6. If He cares enough about the birds to feed them, isn’t He concerned about whether or not we have enough to feed our families? If He clothes the fields of grass with flowers, isn’t He concerned about clothing us? Are we not more precious than birds and grass? The answer is a resounding yes!

Be reminded of God's love!Do you need to be reminded of God’s love? Study in Scripture where love is mentioned alongside Jesus and journal about your findings. Are you encouraged that you can show that love to others?

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