Monday, October 12, 2009


World Gospel Mission's ministries in the West Indies include two stations - St. Croix and Grenada.
What is like in Grenada? Well, here is a little taste: The percentage of children born out of wedlock in Grenada stands at 82 percent, and many children do not grow up knowing the stability of a two-parent home. Some say this is a tragic legacy of the island’s early slave culture.
What's it like in St. Croix? St. Croix has no natural running water, such as rivers or springs, so residents must fill cisterns with either well water or purchased desalinized water.
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>> REMEMBER TO PRAY for the youth at the St. Croix Christian Union Church. Pray for their salvation and commitment to Christ. Also pray for the youth attending your church as well.

>> THE ST. CROIX Christian Union Church needs funds to complete the construction of the church building. The field is seeking a loan but some barriers are in the way. Pray that the barriers will be removed and the church can be completed.

>> PRAY FOR TIM and Diane Bennett who have just been assigned to work in church ministries in Grenada. Pray for the staff supporting your church as well.

And check out the podcast brought to you especially for the Caribbean ministries. Enjoy!
Tomorrow completes our concert of prayer as we pray for The Middle East. See you at the concert!
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