Friday, October 9, 2009

Stockton Peniel Ministries

Thanks for joining us for the concert of prayer this week. Today we prayed for the Neighborhood Center in Stockton, California.
This is an inner-city ministry focused on helping children and youth. As we continue to pray for this ministry after the concert here is a prayer target to help:
Gang influence is devastating Stockton, California. Families are torn apart, friendships are destroyed, and all ages are exposed to violent crime. Pray for the children and youth. Pray that they will drink deeply from the fountain of living water and break the cycle of violence. All in all, will you boldly ask
that the Father’s love will flood this city and transform it?
Join us as we pray tomorrow for YOUR MISSION FIELD. Our President Hubert Harriman will pray for you and your ministries. Until then, be blessed.
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