Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kenya: A Million Orphans

The AIDS epidemic in Kenya has left more than 1 million children orphaned. Poverty and disease leave innocent, helpless children in their wake.

In response to this serious need, Africa Gospel Church partnered with World Gospel Mission and opened the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center located in Nakuru, Kenya. The AGC Baby Center provides hope to orphaned and abandoned babies through loving care.

The baby center opened its doors to the first two babies in April 2006. The need for abandoned children to find a safe haven continues to grow, so the AGC Baby Center Board decided to allow babies up to 24 months old to enroll, up from the previous maximum entrance age of 12 months old. Today, enrollment is over 30.

ACT: You can partner with the AGC Baby Center and share love with a precious little one. Your commitment to give $10 a month for six months will provide support and care to one baby living at the center (account # 21193-CALL). You can learn more and choose the baby you would like to “adopt” by e-mailing Staci Keter at

Say this prayer for Kenya:

Dear Lord, thank You for meeting with us as we pray for the needs of our world. Thank You for helping us understand how we can bring the life-changing message of Your love to the nations. Today, we bring before You the country of Kenya. Many things break Your heart about this area of the world, and today we want to lift up the 1 million children who have been orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic and other diseases.

We know how important a child’s growing-up years are and how those years form who the child becomes and the direction of the child’s life. What happens if they have no parents and are shunted to relatives or orphanages or are simply abandoned to fend for themselves? Lord, thank You for leading the Africa Gospel Church to establish the Baby Center. It’s so wonderful to know that there is a place where these orphaned or abandoned little ones can be taken. Thank You for rescuing these children. Thank You for the Kenyan and American caregivers who minister to them until they can be adopted into good Christian homes.

Lord, I ask that You will continue to lead Kenyan men and women to adopt these children. Help the staff of the AGC Baby Center as it is almost at capacity with the number of babies right now. Thank You for leading churches in the U.S. to partner with this ministry, helping it to grow and be sustainable.

This center is just one of many homes for orphaned or abandoned children in Kenya. Lord, it seems so overwhelming. Help us to know how we can be a part of restoring the future of these children. Help us to trust You and believe that our efforts to help even a few have kingdom benefit.

We read in Your Word that we are to help the powerless and the oppressed and that You are the Defender of the weak. Thank You for that promise. Help us to remember that as we go from here. In Your name I pray, Amen.
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