Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ready for an Empty Nest?

An excerpt from Ready for an Empty Nest?
By Shelly McCollum, Support Staff
July/August 2010

I look at those sad parents at high school graduations and weddings differently now. I know what they’re going through! Perhaps you have friends who are about to become empty nesters. Share your experiences with them and let them know you have a shoulder they can lean on during that time. It is said that time heals wounds, and as I look back over my experience, I can say that it’s true. I actually started to get used to this new phase in my life and was really beginning to enjoy it and then—she moved back! Next time she moves out, it will be different. I will be prepared!

Are you an empty nester looking for ways God can use you and your newfound spare time? Here are a few of my suggestions:

* Take a long walk through your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors. Have you taken time to get to know them? Are they Christians? Think about ways they can become your mission field close to home.

* Get some other empty nesters together and plan a short-term missions trip. Plan your trip at

* Start a small group at your church for empty nesters. Study the World Go! Manual and discover how you can have an impact in your sphere of influence. Download the manual at
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