Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet the Carters

An excerpt from Meet the Carters
July/August 2010
Brad and Elizabeth Carter

Brad Carter, Spain
“I am, ideally, an independent filmmaker. More realistically, I’m a computer/audio-visual geek. But a missionary? Now that’s stretching it. Or is it?

Elizabeth Carter, Spain

In Spain, I’ll be working at a Christian cultural center for immigrants from northern Africa and doing what I already love to do—helping individuals and families find solutions to problems and learn to live better than they’re living now. I’ll be teaching Spanish and life skills classes and might be able to do some formal counseling.

Although Brad and Elizabeth are not in Spain yet, they hope to be soon. The apprehension about their odd combination of skills and how that would work on the mission field is gone, and now they are excited to see what God will do.

So, if God can find a perfect ministry fit for a filmmaker and a family therapist, what makes you think He can’t use you? God created you for His purpose. Take the next step and talk to WGM about the skills and talents you have, and let’s explore what field has been waiting for you.

Explore current personnel needs on WGM fields at www.wgm.org/go.
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