Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gustavo's Search

An excerpt from Gustavo's Search
By Lori Lampen, Bolivia
July/August 2010

“Does God care how much I’m hurting right now?” “Does He listen to my prayers?” “Why does He feel so far away?” Over the next 20 minutes, I listened and silently prayed for wisdom and guidance to know how to respond to Gustavo. What a loving God we serve! God saw an unsaved man struggling with the pain of life’s circumstances. God cleared a busy salon’s schedule and orchestrated the need for pictures on my really bad hair day—only to prove to a searching man that He exists. That He knows. That He cares.

Saying goodbye, Gustavo was reflective. I knew God had spoken to his heart through the Bible verses He had brought to my heart to share. “Gracias, gracias!” Gustavo said as he gave me a cultural kiss on the cheek and then followed it with a big hug. “I’ll be praying for you, Gustavo,” I assured him.

God uses His people on a daily basis to share with those seeking His truth. Are you willing to be used? Take a moment to have this conversation with God.

I want to be salt and light to those I come in contact with, whether in a beauty salon or while walking down the street or shopping in the mall. I am Your servant, willing to listen and to share Your truth with those who are seeking You. Please send seekers across my path so that I may be Your witness.

Jesus, I also pray that Gustavo will continue to seek and find the truth that he can only find in You. Speak to his heart and draw him close.

I ask these things in Your name.
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