Tuesday, August 10, 2010


An excerpt from Gloves
By Zach Motts, Japan
July/August 2010

Yet, as I thought about why I felt so empty and used, I wondered if I was just like that homeless man. I’m a missionary who is supported by a large number of amazing people who believe in reaching out to other people. So, I asked myself, “Do my supporters feel that way?” Is that what I do to them? Do I say, “God will bless you. God will bless you,” and then walk away without even asking their names? Are they just expected to give and not know where the money goes?

I would feel like a selfish idiot if I started yelling at a homeless man that he should ask me my name. However, if our interaction was more than a simple transaction of money or goods, if our interaction was on the level of a dignified human exchange, if it was something that transformed both of us, then we would care about each other, and then we would both receive.

If you are a missionary, has it been a while since you have contacted certain members of your support team? Who on your contact list could benefit from a call or a handwritten letter? Is there someone who has been faithful to you whom you know very little about? Take time to contact that person this week.
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