Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creative Outreach

An excerpt from Creative Outreach
By Meg Dul, Hungary
July/August 2010

I love how God created us individually, knows us personally, and puts us right where we should be for His glory. He knows the talents He has gifted us with, and, like the parable of the talents, expects us to use them for Him. So He guides us to the place where people need someone just like us to share in the way only we can. I’m glad for the doctors, nurses, teachers, evangelists, farmers, and construction workers who are using their talents for His glory. And I’m so very glad that God has a place in ministry for His creative children too.

Has God blessed you with a creative side? How are you using those skills for His glory? Ever thought about starting an art club or quilters group or teaching English in your neighborhood? Your talents open opportunities to share Christ with others.
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