Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fragrance of Ministry

An excerpt from The Fragrance of Ministry
By Ann Seaney, Peru
July/August 2010

Sometimes ministry opportunities popped up quite unexpectedly. One rainy Sunday evening, I was walking home from church when I heard a cry for help from an elderly lady who was afraid to walk home alone in the dark. She had been visiting a friend and seemed quite disoriented. She took my arm and held on tight as we walked through the neighborhood to her house. How glad I was to be able to be a comfort to her. How humbling it felt to hear her thank God for sending an angel to walk her home.

I believe God is pleased as we live our daily lives being a fragrance for Him—someone who lifts the spirits of others and reminds them of Jesus. Is your presence making a difference to those in need?

What are you doing to leave the sweet fragrance of ministry with the elderly in your community? Over the next month, volunteer a couple of hours at your local nursing home or plan to take a meal to a couple of shut ins from your church. Your loving gesture will be a delivery of encouragement.
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