Monday, October 15, 2012

You Have (NOT) Reached Your Destination

An excerpt from You Have (NOT) Reached Your Destination

October-December 2012

Before coming to Mexico to live and serve full time, we spent a week here touching base with those we would be working with. Our first day, we went to León, the city in which we are now working. We plugged in our “trusty” GPS, which our family had given us when they learned we would be returning to missionary status and would be traveling a lot.

The GPS served us well, and we got to León in good time. We spent the day getting a feel for the city. However, we had forgotten one important thing—the address of where we were staying! Several phone calls later, someone finally gave us another street name close to where we were staying and Tomasa (our GPS’s name) “replanned” and we were on our way again. We eventually did reach our destination.

That whole experience reminds me that we have not yet reached our final destination—heaven. Each day we go to our GPS (God) and He “plans our route.” As Dennis and I travel around in Mexico telling others about the love of God, we can always trust our GPS (God) to guide us. We pray that He is your daily guide as you travel toward heaven and tell others you meet on the way about the love of God!

ACT: How can you use your story in your own witness? Write the story of what God’s love has done in your life in 400 words or less. Once written, pray and ask, “Lord, who are the people who most need to hear this story?”

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