Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Matter the Destination

An excerpt from No Matter the Destination

By Joey Bocook, Mexico
October-December 2012

Sometimes I feel like Abraham when God told him, “Go to a land that I will show you.” Many people today cannot go from their home to work without something telling them where to go. However, to be Abraham and just start going takes faith. Not knowing the road ahead can be a frightening thing.

When Becca and I were called to the mission field, we were in that “Abraham state.” We knew we were to be obedient and say, “I will go” no matter the destination. It would have been nice to have turn-by-turn directions and traffic patterns and even to know where the final destination would be.

God is doing great things here (in Mexico), and if we hadn’t followed God’s direction to go to a land that hadn’t been “shown” to us, we would be missing out on far more than we could imagine.

ACT: Are you listening for God’s directions or redirection? Study Genesis 12 this week and choose to be obedient to God’s direction like Abraham.
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