Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nice Roads, Radio, and Making a Difference

An excerpt from Nice Roads, Radio, and Making a Difference

October-December 2012

There once was a little girl who grew up like most little girls in America. She went to school and had lots of friends and many birthday parties, and her life was great. She went on family vacations where she stayed in hotels and a couple of times even got to fly on large airplanes.

Well, it wasn’t very long before Jesus got a real hold of the young woman’s heart. She gave her heart to Jesus and promised to serve Him for the rest of her life. Soon after that, she began to see things differently—looking at others’ needs. 

One Sunday evening service, a couple of missionaries from Africa spoke at her church. She thought it would be great to hear about Africa! The couple began to tell stories of churches being started, people reading the Bible, and children being saved in Bible schools.

They wanted to let people know that whatever they gave, whether a little or a lot, it all made a big difference for God’s kingdom.

That day, she made a commitment to God to help those whom she couldn’t see in Africa but who needed to know about Jesus like she did. She thanked God for opening her eyes to the spiritually hungry in Africa, and she began giving again to the couple so they could return and tell the people of the One who died for them.

GIVE: Will you consider supporting a missionary financially or will you commit to give faithfully to the ministries in Africa or other places? Many people still need to learn about Jesus and know His love and forgiveness.

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