Monday, October 8, 2012

Gift of Unsolicited Directions

An excerpt from Gift of Unsolicited Directions

By Billy Coppedge, Uganda
October-December 2012

 Is there anything more humiliating than having to stop and ask for directions? Maybe the only thing worse is when someone offers you directions without you asking. It always grates against my pride, particularly when I realize later that the unsolicited information was actually very helpful. In 2008, I was offered just this type of “directions.” Terry Duncan and John Muehleisen, both World Gospel Mission Africa regional leaders, approached Joanna and me about investigating an up-and-coming strategy within missions called Bible storytelling.

I found myself in Nairobi, Kenya, attending a conference on how to tell Bible stories. With almost 20 years of literate-preference education, changing lanes seemed risky for me. But by the end of hearing my first story and the ensuing discussion, I had my turn signal on.

After being lost, you find a certain relief to finally know you are headed in the right direction. I thank Jesus for Terry and John’s “unsolicited direction.”

ACT: Lots of people are asking for direction. Interestingly, whatever their education, language, culture, or economic status, they all will listen to a good story. So the next time someone asks you for directions, why not tell a Bible story?
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