Monday, January 24, 2011

Stepping into New Territory

An excerpt from Stepping into New Territory
By Kristy Weinert, Argentina
January–March 2011

Every so often we need to step back and evaluate where we’ve been and where we think we need to be. That kind of thinking can turn our lives upside down, but it’s worth it. In February 2009, the Argentina Field felt God’s direction to a new ministry focus. That meant stepping into new territory in order to have a greater impact on Argentina. The youth of a nation are its future, and we want to mark this generation for Christ.

As we look to the future, pray with us for God to provide more personnel with a burden and preparation to work with students. Ask the Lord to begin preparing a couple to replace us as residence directors during homeland ministry assignment as well as to meet the demand for a residence for young men. Outreach to students could look like many things—Bible studies; a Christian coffee house; music, computer, or English lessons—the possibilities are as endless as our God is creative.

Would you get involved with our steps into new ministry territory by committing to pray? By being willing to go? By sharing these opportunities with others? It’s your turn to step out.

ACT: Is God calling you to campus ministry in Argentina? To learn more about the ways you can serve on this field, contact Troy Simpson at
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