Friday, January 28, 2011

Camping on HMA

An excerpt from Camping on HMA
A Ministry to Missionaries
By Don Moon, Argentina
January–March 2011

As missionaries consider what is affectionately called the Homeland Ministry Assignment (HMA) trail, a major question often looms in front of them—Where are they going to stay each night as they travel many miles over a period of time that often turns into months?

Occasionally they stay in motels along the way, and several have spent a night in their car. Most often, ministry partners, people just like you, provide for them as they make their way from state to state. This is a great ministry to missionaries, and several hosts have declared that they, too, received a blessing from having a missionary in their home.

ACT: Have an RV you’d be willing to share with a missionary? E-mail your missionary friends and let them know.
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