Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'll Always Remember

An excerpt from I’ll Always Remember
By Hubert Harriman, President
January–March 2011

I don’t think I’ll ever forget June and July of 2010 either. Let me tell you why.

World Gospel Mission turned 100 years old!
Some of you attended WGM’s 100th anniversary celebration, June 24-27, which was a huge event in every way.

My son-in-law Nate Lowe broke his neck.
We thank the Lord that this pool accident resulted in only a three-month neck brace, but this incident created a turn of events resulting in me traveling to Honduras on a work team with my daughter, Anne.

Dr. Joseph Rono, bishop of Africa Gospel Church in Kenya for 18 years, passed away from complications with diabetes on July 22.
After several days with the Africa Gospel Church and with the time they gave me to say some words at each service, a wonderful bonding took place between us. They were so appreciative of my coming. I was so moved by their kindness.

ACT: You can make June, July, and August months you’ll never forget in 2011. Here are a few suggestions to get you planning.

Get in the Word. Take this month to study Scripture where Jesus’ loving acts are recorded. Journal your thoughts on love as you study the Scriptures. Then pray that God will show you how to share love to those in your community.

July: Organize a community-wide outreach project. Grab your neighbors and volunteer at a local hospice facility, offer babysitting to military families in the area, or serve meals at a homeless shelter. Whatever you do, do it together, serving the needs of your community.

August: Pray for your leaders. Write, e-mail, or call people who have leadership or authority in your community. Ask them to share prayer requests with you. Ask them how they would like you to pray for them. Pray earnestly the whole month. Contact them at the beginning of September and ask them how things are going in the areas you prayed for.
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