Monday, January 10, 2011

The Body of Christ

An excerpt from The Body of Christ
World Gospel Church of Bolivia Celebrates 50 Years
By Betsy Phillips, Bolivia
January–March 2011

The World Gospel Church of Bolivia has a vision to grow from the current 121 congregations to reach all nine departments (states) in Bolivia with the good news of salvation and the scriptural doctrine of holiness. The church sees the need to grow at a national level, reaching new heights both institutionally and spiritually. It also desires to widen the scope of social ministries, deepen the reach of educational ministries, and expand the range of international ministries through missions in the future.

Together, WGM missionaries and the World Gospel Church of Bolivia have seen God’s mighty acts in establishing a vibrant, growing, and mature church in Bolivia. Won’t you pray now for a new generation to rise up to meet the challenges of building up the body of Christ in the coming years? Pray for discernment as the church in Bolivia seeks God’s guidance in fulfilling its vision and for strength and encouragement as it steps into the next 50 years of ministry.
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