Saturday, October 4, 2008

10/4 - Ukraine

Praying for Pastors
How often do you pray for your pastor? Ernie Smith did a great job helping us to pray for the pastors he partners with in Ukraine today at the concert. He prayed for the sermons they will prepare and the messages that will be preached. He prayed for the people who will sit in the pews, benches, and chairs. Tomorrow at church could be the first time someone accepts Christ as their Savior. Let's remember the pastors, churches, and ministries in Ukraine.
Praying for our pastor is a good request for all of us to remember in our prayer times. Who needs encouragement, inspiration, and support more than pastors?
Hope to see you at the Concert tomorrow when we will pray for the new World Gospel Mission field of Nicaragua!
Kristi Crisp
Call to Prayer Editor
World Gospel Mission

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