Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/14 - The Middle East

The Final Curtain Falls

The Concert of Prayer has come to an end. If you joined the concert today you know we prayed for the lost in the Middle East. God is using His people in unique ways to enter these closed countries and through friendship evangelism there are open discussions about Jesus. Please continue to lift those serving in this area before the throne as they may be the only Jesus those living in these areas ever see.

Thank you for making the Concert of Prayer a success. Many prayers were offered on behalf of this concert and I am proud to have been a part of it. Please feel free to keep your magazine and use it as a prayer guide in your personal quiet time. We averaged 30 -40 callers on any given day and we know many of those callers had multiple listeners. God's people were praying and I believe God is going to bless our prayers.

Do you think the Concert of Prayer needs an encore? Would you like to see it come back next year or was it great this time, but not something you would want to do every fall? Take a moment to click on the comments link below and give me your two-cents. I will take your feedback to the Call to Prayer team.

Thanks for waiting in the long lines, redeeming your tickets, and committing to attend the concert. You have been a blessing an in turn I hope you have been blessed.

Kristi Crisp for the Concert Committee
World Gospel Mission

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