Monday, October 13, 2008

10/13 - Paraguay

Inspiration and New Believers

Did you catch the concert today? Larry Carr led us in prayer for the field of Paraguay. There are many new believers in Paraguay. That's great! God is at work! Larry reminds us to be faithful in praying for these young believers as they learn to commit their lives to the Lord and to His will.

Also, Larry prayed for he and Sharon as they will be sharing at missions conference soon. I know this is a prayer request many of our missionaries would have. It's hard to present missions in new and exciting ways. There is a hard balance of getting the right amount of information to those who need to hear and yet coming at it from a different angle. Won't you continue to pray for our pastors, teachers, and missionaries that the God that formed the universe would continue to breathe inspiration into their hearts for us all to share?

Be inspired!

Kristi Crisp
Call to Prayer Editor
World Gospel Mission
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