Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/11 - Haitian American Ministries

Family Prayer

My family joined all of you attending the concert in prayer today. You see the house my in-laws lived in was struck by lightning back in February. The lightning caused a house fire that has had them displaced until this week. So amongst unpacking boxes, we paused with you to lift Haitian American Ministries to the throne.
The unpacking got me to thinking about this ministry. Families moved to Florida from Haiti to start a new life in this new place. Packing up their homes and families not really knowing what they were in for, moved hoping for a better result. Unpacking their boxes and wading through the chaos must have been overwhelming. But Sue Martin and others through the church have been there to show them love, encouragement, and that there is hope through Jesus. Sue needs more ministry partners. Would you pack up your house and family and move to Florida from wherever you are located? Where is your mission field?
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