Thursday, September 25, 2008

9/25 - Peru

Partners for Peru

Today, David (Daudi) Strong led us in prayer for the new World Gospel Mission field of Peru. Daudi and Cathlene Strong and Ann Seaney are currently partnering with the National church to minister to the Peruvians. Daudi prayed for more ministry partners to join their team. It remind me of a phrase we use a lot at WGM, "Where is your mission field?" I know, not all of us are called to overseas missions in this capacity, but what are you doing to make an impact in your your your family? There is a place for each of us in missions and maybe some of you are being called to be co-workers with Daudi, Cathlene and Ann. Want to learn more about Peru? Click here. Don't be afraid to ask God how you can help this team make an impact in the country of Peru.

Join me tomorrow as we pray for Kenya!

Kristi Crisp
Call to Prayer Editor
World Gospel Mission

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