Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17 - Sudan


Since the beginning of the Concert on Monday, the Ideas in Motion department has gathered together in my office to make the call - as a team. That has got me to thinking... in an event like this, T E A M is the name of the game. If you have been making the calls and praying with other readers you are part of the prayer team. If you have been leading a small group through the prayer requests you are part of the prayer team. If you have been gathering your neighbors and friends around a phone somewhere (like the Ideas in Motion department) you too, are ALL teammates.

It takes a team to do missions. It takes go-ers, senders, pray-ers, and givers. There is a place for everyone on the team. Thank you for supporting this new field of Sudan today through your prayer support. Sudan's missionaries are few (Joy Phillips), the need is great, and yet today its teammates grew. Continue to pray for Sudan, for Joy as she serves in Church Ministries and don't forget to ask Him what kind of teammate He wants you to be.

Join me tomorrow as we pray for Uruguay. See you at the Concert!

~Kristi Crisp
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